National Craft Gallery

Showcasing Irish craft

Arts & Culture + Public & NGO

Arts & Culture + Public & NGO

The National Craft Gallery is located in the former stable yard of Kilkenny Castle in the heart of the city. Established by the Crafts Council of Ireland, it is Ireland’s leading centre for contemporary craft and design.

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We designed their identity to help bring a consistency to all of their promotional material and to convey the gallery’s remit of showing and interpreting the highest quality of craft both nationally and internationally.

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On a basic level, the new logo attempts to reflect the dynamic and elusive nature of craft. The symbol is a stylised wireframe C structure which has been designed to inspire and to be built upon over time. This symbol can be recreated in different materials from paper to metal depending on its application.

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We chose a classic sans serif typeface Bureau Grotesque for the logotype with Akzidenz Grotesk and Skolar chosen as complementary identity fonts. The project included all brand communications, signage and exhibition brochures.