Paying homage to its history



The Dylan is a 5-star boutique hotel off Dublin's Baggot Street. A refurbishment of the hotel led to the redesign of three new spaces within the building, a new restaurant, cocktail bar and terrace area, all of which required new identities to help differentiate each offering.

Dylan Nurses Home Drawing Dylan Nurses Home Drawing copy

The hotel formerly housed the nurses of the Royal City of Dublin Hospital. Paying homage to this rich heritage, the new spaces take their names from those who used to inhabit the space. The Eddison restaurant and The Ruby Room cocktail bar take their names from two former matrons, Miss Edith Annie Eddison and Miss Ruby Stokes. The outdoor, leafy terrace is now known as The Nurserie, a word play synonymous with the cultivation of trees and plants, while also acknowledging the former life of the building.

Eddison Post Card The Eddison Menu Cover The Eddison detail The Eddison Restaurant

This heritage needed to be integrated within each space, to become part of the fabric of the building. Each identity needed to work independently, while feeling like part of one family. Colour also differentiates each space, reflecting the different personalities.

The Ruby Room Set The Ruby Room Menu

The completion of training badge that the nurses received, provided inspiration for a pattern that weaves through each of the identities, linking them together and forming visual cohesion. It is used on menus and right through to the inlay of wood on bespoke tables, reflecting the provenance in an experiential form.

Dylan Uniform

Old photographs found within the Dublin City archives of the nurses from different eras are displayed within the newly designed spaces and on printed pieces. Details from the nurses clothing of that era, informed the new staff uniforms, honouring those who worked there and enriching those who stay.

The Nurserie door The Nurserie brochure The Nurserie Sign

A truly collaborative process. Dylan are a wonderful client, with a great eye for detail.