A fitting identity for interior gurus

Corporate Services + Design & Media

Corporate Services + Design & Media

O’Donnell O’Neill’s work marries their architectural background with conceptual storytelling in their approach to the projects they work on. As a way of visually representing this union, we designed both their logotype – a carefully sculpted mark with distinctive symmetrical forms – and some classic 70s retro icons ‘the flying ducks’ which adorned many a kitchen wall back in this era.

OODA Symbol OODA Roughwork 01 10 Ooda Ci

The latter representing the more playful and highly personable aspect to their work. The printed material serves as an extension of their approach to projects, resulting in a balanced mix of the highly sophisticated and the wonderfully kitsch.

11 Ooda Ci
03 Ooda Ci 04 Ooda Ci 02 Ooda Ci

The project included all brand collateral and website.

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