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Case Study Tusla

An examination of the process of creating the Irish government's new child and family agency, Tusla.

As preparations were underway to establish this new state agency, CI Studio was engaged to look at the brand itself. To gain a full understanding of the strategic ambitions for the project, we conducted extensive consultation with all stakeholders, including government. We listened to and captured the hopes, and indeed fears, of those involved in devising and implementing the structural change.

Many stakeholders held the view that a mere realignment of services, along with the union of a number of bodies, would not be sufficient to deliver the fresh start that was deemed so necessary throughout the sector. It was felt that a new identity (and name) was required to capture the sense of purpose, ʻchildren first, alwaysʼ, shared by all those who would deliver these services in the future.

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Once strategic alignment was established, work began on the new name. This involved a conceptual and collaborative process (meetings with the senior stakeholders, executive and departmental) and the testing of any proposed names for trademark issues or unwanted brand associations.

Consideration was given to the aspirations of the agency and many themes materialised – a new beginning, an opportunity, a challenge. From debate and creative engagement, Tusla emerged as a fitting name. While it borrows from the Irish tús (new start) and lá (day), Tusla is a completely new word reflecting a shared desire for a new beginning.

A new word, a new way of working.

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During our stakeholder research, the desire for colour to be a dominant attribute of the new identity came to the fore. In addition, the creative response had to reflect the agencyʼs shared values of respect, integrity, fairness, collaboration and compassion. The simple and contemporary solution we developed allowed for cost-effective implementation and ease of translation across a wide variety of media. With a nod to the works of celebrated American designer, Herb Lubalin, we fashioned a parent and guardian symbol from the ʻuʼ in Tusla. This ʻuʼ symbol can be used on its own, within words, to reinforce the remit of the agency or in conjunction with the letter ʻsʼ when speaking as a collective, powerful voice.

CI Studio designed the entire identity programme and guidelines for Tusla, created and produced the launch video in collaboration with producer, John Corcoran and developed all additional material for the launch. The new identity was unveiled by An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Frances Fitzgerald and CEO of Tusla, Gordon Jeyes on the 30th of January, 2014 at Dublin Castle. The roll-out of the new brand took place nationwide throughout 2014

“CI Studio have been diligent, professional, engaging and above all creative!”

 Gordon Jeyes, Tusla CEO