Background on Capital Credit Union Illustrations

Bringing emotion into finance.

Ccu 10

The illustrations, created in studio, feature unique characters inspired by people in everyday life situations, allowing anyone to identify with and to reinforce that sense of community. The overall style is quite minimal and whimsical with that sort of 80’s bold and brash vibe introducing a touch of tongue-in-cheek charm. This range of characters works cohesively, bringing together the services offered by Credit Union, creating an impression of friendliness and a more accessible tone to a serious context.

The wide colour palette is composed of shades of blue to complement the bright primary blue adding vibrant tones of red and orange to enhance that warm feeling.

Cu Online Banking

(Online Banking)

Cu Car

(Monthly Car Draw)

Cu Member Gif

(Member Services)

Cu Loans Gif


Cu Savings Gif


The illustrations are also developed to work across the website, social media, posters and animations. They along with all the other brand elements, create an engaging and unique identity, fitting for Capital Credit Union.

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Camille Jouarre, Designer