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Corporate Services

Corporate Services

BDO is the 5th largest accounting firm in the world, providing specialist audit, tax and business advice in Ireland since 1982. BDO Ireland commissioned CI Studio to develop brand creative that would help increase visibility and brand awareness. Initial works focussed on developing a narrative that truly reflected the firm and what makes them different to other large accountancy practices.

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BDO, as a simple acronym contains the letters D and O. Two letters which make up a powerful word. The word DO. This struck a significant cord, as BDO don't just say it, they really do it. Exceptional service and a passion for both their clients and peoples' success is what drives them. This was clearly evident to us, from the top down. It’s in their name.

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Working with this single idea, we designed a graphic using the line from the BDO logo to highlight DO. This became their primary mark and from this a new house style was developed.

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BDO Mansion House

Using multimedia, we worked with BDO to launch this new concept to 400 employees at their annual conference in The Mansion House. It was carried through to all touch points including their main HQ in Dublin where we designed the interiors and environmental graphics. It was then launched externally with a large outdoor, broadcast, print and digital media campaign.