The Power of Full Circle

Corporate Services

Corporate Services

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As one of Ireland's most established communications firms offering a 360 service, Drury needed a clear way to define and present themselves in a constantly changing market.

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Following an MBO, Drury Porter Novelli became Drury and looked to create a new brand identity and narrative which would help express their full capabilities in a modern and engaging way. We designed a new visual system that helped support their vision for the future and communicate their core values, in particular their reputation for collaborating and standing up for the right idea, not being afraid to talk straight.

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The narrative was centred around their full service capabilities, the capacity to excel in any communication discipline from consumer PR to reputation management. The variety of projects they are able to tackle makes them so versatile that they were in need of a narrative that worked across any possibility in their domains.

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This brought us to the tagline “The Power of Full Circle” and this became the basis for the identity aesthetic, encapsulating their full circle team of communication strategists and public affairs consultants. This also had the added benefit of building on the heritage of the brand, as prior to joining the international Porter Novelli network, the previous Drury identity used a circular symbol.

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The new logotype is strong yet playful, with both horizontal and vertical variations. Punctuation symbols and glyphs are introduced to convey the range of expertise offered and, combined with a bold palette and circular forms, work across all aspects of their brand identity. Animations were created and a library of imagery was developed to better support the new identity. Working with their core team, we developed new content, built a new website, linking to their social media, which has given them a platform to better communicate their full capabilities.

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As part of the internal expression and communication of the new identity to staff, and their move to new offices, we brought the brand to life in their environment with an interiors fit-out - sourcing furniture, lighting and design pieces which complement their narrative. Signage was designed in-line with the new messaging to create an inviting space which everyone felt part of. This was important in helping to foster a culture within Drury as a collective, especially in these changing times.

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The launch of the Drury brand, both internally and externally has been hugely well received, and has set the business on the path to continued success.