Eating & working space for Omnicom, London

Food & Beverage + Hospitality + Design & Media

Food & Beverage + Hospitality + Design & Media

PYE is a new interior space for eating, working and sharing ideas, located on the top floor of the Omnicom London HQ. One of the world’s leading creative groups, they commissioned CI Studio to conceive a dynamic brand identity for this multi-purpose space, which would facilitate all of their requirements.

Pye Take Out Range

Other names within the building had looked to the local area for inspiration, so we felt this was a good place to start. Located on London's Bankside, we delved into the area's rich history and came upon the former Pye Gardens, situated nearby. Historically a place where people met to converse, share food and ideas, a commonality with the new Omnicom space. Pye is old English for pie and many of the graphic elements are rooted in this visual vernacular.

PYE map square

The distinctive typeface Minerále by 205TF is formed from intersecting triangles which visually relate to pieces of pie. These shapes are used as a graphic language to create drama and to help identify the different areas within the space. They are also emphasised through the mixed tones which make up each character.

PYE mullions

The abstract aesthetic that typography brings to signage and messaging, lends an enduring quality which was an important consideration for a space which is frequented daily.

PYE Spye Pye Pizza box

Pattern plays a big part in the space and is derived from retro starburst pie dishes and perforated contemporary tins. Intersecting and colourising the shapes produce a visual effect with almost kinetic movement to add interest.

PYE microwaves straight PYE Dish light PYE wall pattern

In collaboration with the interior architects and the restaurant operators, the identity is established across touch points such as signage, environmental graphics, experiential design, print and packaging. Brand language adds another playful element to the overall dining and working experience.

Pye bag

We were honoured to have Pye featured on Fonts in Use in 2022 as a Staff Pick. Fonts in Use is an independent archive of typographic design.

Pye Fonts in use