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Food & Beverage

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Balti House is a range of authentic Indian dishes, prepared by Aveo Foods. Cooked in the traditional Punjabi way, it offers a healthier and tastier alternative to other Indian ready meals and take-outs. Having worked with Aveo previously on Balti House, they commissioned CI Studio again to look at updating the on-shelf packaging.

Balti Mix V2

The previous logo showcases a recognisable Balti pot to house the logotype and with this new iteration, we expanded on this graphic and used it as a device to house all of the content across the front of pack. The new colours are an extension of the previous palette, differentiating the various dishes while maintaining a cohesion between each one.

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We also expanded on the original organic swirl graphic, creating simple illustrations to represent the fresh ingredients used in the cooking and helping to create standout on shelf amongst other Indian food ranges.

Balti Mix V3

'We sent CI Studio and two other companies the same brief. They were the only ones to challenge it and having met with them to discuss the project, we selected them based on their deeper insight and reputation. In particular, they challenged us on the brand positioning, pushing us to consider a more authentic route for the brand, which included a new visual identity, language and packaging for our full range of Balti House Indian cuisine products. The positioning has given us the confidence to change some of our internal processes, enhancing the product and extending the range and has been extremely well received by our channel including the large multiples. We continue to work with them on all of our food ranges and packaging.'

Hyat Syed,
Managing Director,
Aveo Foods