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Located in the Irish fishing village of Kilmore Quay, Sofrimar is one of Europe’s largest suppliers of fresh seafood and shellfish to European and Asian markets. Having worked with them previously on their identity 13 years ago, we were commissioned by Bórd Bia, the Irish Food Board, to re-evaluate their brand and make it fit for purpose in a digital context.

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Building brand awareness and promoting the natural location and source of their product range to best reflect the scale of their business in tandem with updating their existing identity, was a big part of the challenge, allowing for diversification and expansion into other markets and consumer ranges.

Transparency and simplicity become the core of the brand identity. Designing a strong, easy to manage brand system which takes its cues from the wonderful wildness of the seas around Ireland. A new logo mark and colour palette which is more adaptable to the different uses from packaging to digital displays, telling their story through brand narrative, imagery and distinctive graphic elements.

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A comprehensive set of guidelines help with the day-to-day management of the brand, detailing the Sofrimar story and background. A library of photography which encapsulates the natural landscape of Kilmore Quay and the fishermen who work tirelessly to provide the Sofrimar customer with the highest quality of produce, were commissioned and art directed.

Beautifully captured footage shot on location around Kilmore Quay and a newly designed website which is far more in tune with technological advancements in their business, all help to enforce the positioning of Sofrimar as Superior Irish Seafood.

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