National Library of Ireland

An identity for an iconic landmark

Arts & Culture + Public & NGO

Arts & Culture + Public & NGO

Ireland’s National Library located on Dublin’s Kildare Street was established in 1877 to house the country’s cultural and historic archives. We worked with NLI to create a new brand identity that would increase awareness and visibility of the Library and which could work across all of their marketing material both online and offline.

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The mark itself is a simple graphic representation of the acronym, the N coming from the curves of the arches and windows, synonymous with the architecture of the Library building itself and the period it was built, the L and I from the columns which are commonly found alongside the arches.

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The two different greens used in the identity are the colours taken from the walls in the Library’s spectacular and iconic Reading Room. This palette works throughout the brand and all it's channels, resulting in an instantly recognisable and distinct cultural institution.

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