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Corporate Services + Tech

Previously known as O’Leary Analytics, founder Stephen O' Leary, Ireland's leading expert in social media analysis and monitoring, commissioned CI Studio to turn his individual expertise into a strong brand and identity.

Olytico logo sqaure Olytico colour sqaure

Looking to hold on to some of the equity Stephen had built up over his career, while moving the business away from being all about one individual, we devised the brand name Olytico.

Olytico CI Studio 03 Ol Ci

The Olytico emblem is a visual interpretation of connection and data, enclosed within a circle O. Working with a strong colour palette of black, grey and yellow, the brand also uses assets that fit well in the tech and analytical space which allows it to grow and adapt over the last 10 years.

Olytico web update

For printed items we used beautiful paper stocks and print techniques such as white foiling to create a contemporary and memorable brand image.