Fintech cloud data management



New York based software company IKINDI, provides powerful data management and integration tools across the middle office of large financial institutions. A customised distinctive typographic mark based on letterforms drawn from a rounded line shape, forms the basis of the identity.

These shapes can be interpreted as 'nodes of data'. This simple visual metaphor effectively translates how they interpret data and make it pure.

09 Ci Ikindi

The robust logotype along with the tagline Integrators of knowledge, along with a simple colour palette, was then easy to apply across a wide range of collateral from print to digital.

07 Ci Ikindi Ikindi CI Studio 02 Ci Ikindi

A curated set of people photography helped to put build a more personable story around key individuals.

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We were delighted to learn that IKINDI recorded a 40% increase in sales in the months imminently after the rebrand. The project included all brand communications and website.