Small Foundation

Eliminating poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa

Public & NGO

Public & NGO

Working to end extreme poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa by 2030, Small Foundation helps catalyse income generating opportunities for the poorest rural people in this region.

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A small organisation with big aspirations and a focused vision, it was important that the new identity communicated this ambition clearly, setting an obvious demarcation from the NGOs who work in these communities.The central concept conveys the organisation as being a small but strong element within a larger network entity.

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Where most NGOs feature stark familiar images of poverty and malnourishment in their communications, we wanted to capture the positivity that economic capital brings to these rural areas. The visual language is designed with the vibrancy of African culture, colours and textures in mind. A palette which comes directly from the Saharan African landscape was introduced along with graphic elements such as the African map made up of finely crafted dots inspired by African art.

Photography comes from their affiliated organisations bank of images and chosen for their bright colours and positive interpretation of the work done on the ground and its impact on small businesses in these small rural villages. The line We Are Small, We Think Big, expresses the sentiment of the organisation, designed in the abstract shape of Africa.

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A key visual asset we designed to help explain this pathway is an infographic “Theory of Change” which charts their role through the ecosystem developing income generation opportunities. This is a key element of their website, designed and developed as part of the overall rebrand.

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