Together We Rule

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Fashion & Beauty

Having worked with Unislim previously on a range of healthy eating products, they came to us for guidance on the Unislim brand itself. They recognised that the market was changing when it came to weight loss and slimming brands and they wanted to create a new freshness for Unislim to appeal to a wider audience and reposition it as a leading voice for healthy living.

Works carried out included brand strategy and narrative around their three core pillars of Food, Body and Mind. Their new positioning line, Together We Rule, is their rallying call, putting control back into the hands of their individual members and bringing a sense of community to the brand.

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With the visual brand identity we designed a new Unislim word mark and introduced two new typefaces and a four colour palette which helps convey a sense of energy and vibrancy.

Brand activation included design of all print, merchandise and digital communications including the new Unislim ClubHub app and website across all platforms including social media.

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