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Property + Tech

Property + Tech

Fexillon is the new name and brand identity for one of the world’s leading tech players in the build and facilities space. Working directly with owner operators to manage building infrastructure from Strategy to Operations.

The problem identified very early on was a complete disconnect between the existing IFS brand identity which was lacklustre and uninspiring and the scale and innovative nature of the technology they being provided.

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There was also a disconnect between the company branding and the technology itself. We set about creating seamless cohesion with a dynamic and contemporary identity, applied right across the organisation and its technological offering, making it easy for building owner-occupiers to understand and buy into.

A key aspect of the rebrand was the design and build of a new website, showcasing who Fexillon are and what the Digital Asset Lifecycle Platform does. We also created UI Design and a comprehensive set of guidelines for their new app which is at the core of their business.

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The project included initial research and brand strategy, name generation, brand identity creation, video content creation, and identity roll-out across all touchpoints.

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