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Light House, Ireland’s newest world-class 2D animation studio, work with the world’s largest content providers such as Netflix and Amazon. Located in Europe’s animation hub, the medieval city of Kilkenny, which is also home to academy-award nominated Cartoon Saloon.

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CI Studio was commissioned to design a new brand identity, reflecting the world of 2D animation and capturing the spirit of the world’s best storytellers who work within the studio. The L from Light is used as a door mechanism which opens into the studio of animation or the house of light. This L changes shape and becomes in itself a character that morphs into different colours and variations of the same shape.

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Careful consideration was given to the choice of typeface, a contemporary sans with some slightly quirky features, which work across both print and digital - aptly reflecting the firm’s character and attention to detail.


Works included design of all touch points including website, signage and all print communications.