The Breadwinner

Type design for Oscar-nominated film

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Design & Media

Parvana is our new custom OpenType typeface designed specifically for the Oscar nominated Cartoon Saloon feature length animation, The Breadwinner.

The Breadwinner 09 Ci The Breadwinner 122 Ci

The film is set in Afghanistan and Parvana is the name of the main character, a little girl who lives under the Taliban regime. In 2016 we were approached by Cartoon Saloon to create a bespoke typeface for this exciting new project. Having previously worked with them on the type design for Song of the Sea, we jumped at the chance.

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We designed the original logotype from an existing font, giving it a slightly Arabic slant to suit the Afghan landscape in which the film is set. We worked with an expert in Arabic writing and calligraphy to create a corresponding piece of Nastaliq script and chose a secondary typeface, FF Amman which was developed for the city of Amman, Jordan.

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We then worked with type designer Bobby Tannam in developing the full typeface, including an extensive character set to support, English, Irish, Danish, French and German versions of the film. This has been rolled out internationally for use in all film promotional material and activities.