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CI Studio was commissioned to create an online range of personalised stationery to appeal to lovers of paper, type and letter writing. We worked closely on the strategy in collaboration with our client, firstly on the name, identity and narrative, then on the brand experience from start to finish including the design of the product itself.

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Being an online offering, the name was a challenge as it had to work internationally and also convey a sense of the product itself. Monoset was the name agreed going forward with a logo that simply conveyed the brand sentiment. We identified the core audience and built the product range around the audience segments creating the Monoset Collection to suit each segment and their personality.

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The packaging of the product was designed from the customer experience perspective, focusing on the finer details which really make it special, prototyping the box many times to ensure everything fit together seamlessly including the outer packaging and choosing the correct paper stocks, finishes and typefaces to match each personality type identified. Our vast amount of print procurement experience helped us design the entire product with cost per unit in mind to ensure commercial viability.

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All in all, a dream project of which we are very proud to have been involved.