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Corporate Services + Public & NGO

Repak is a not for profit organisation for Irish businesses, owned by its members. Repak operates a compliance scheme for packaging recovery, in line with environmental targets for Ireland. Following a strategic review of the brand, we created a new visual identity across all collateral from print to interiors. The new brand identity reflects a vibrant organisation with a clear sense of purpose.

Repak members covers Repak Membership Pack Spread Repak Stationery set

The use of the chevron in the logo hints at the dimensions of a box - the most basic packaging element and also an arrow, representing purpose, process, and progress. This shape has evolved with the brand, and is flexible in its use, creating visual engagement and meaning.

Repak canteen decals Repak conference room decals Repak letters

The brand is confident and strong, yet approachable in tone, through language that taps into the collective and the use of bright colours. The palette was developed to reflect a bright future and to avoid the exclusive use of green, which is over-used in this space.

Repak AR Alt Group Repak AR Inside Spread

Icons from packaging are used to help deliver key messages while a flexible and extensive type family collection is chosen, designed to handle standard text sizes for large and small quantities of copy. Unique enough to create impact and standout while also complying with legibility standards.

Repak Adshel Repak newspaper ad

Materials used in brochureware and in the design of its internal space, support the ethos of Repak. The range of assets within the identity and their application use, along with an interchangeable bold palette results in a fresh and dynamic brand, that has evolved over the years without growing tired.

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