Behind every door lies a Dwelling.



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Previously known as Genesis Homes, Dwellings is a small Irish property development company with a focus on building affordable, sustainable, quality housing in major towns and cities outside of Dublin. Due to changes happening in the Irish housing sector and the younger generation of executives taking over, a brand evolution was needed.

Dwellings the name is more in keeping with a brand which specialises in building affordable, quality homes for young families of the present and the future. A dwelling is a place of shelter, a home, and with all houses built by Dwellings, a lot of care is given to the way in which people and families live together under one roof, with special attention given to the smaller details which make a house a home.

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The line, Not just a home, a Dwelling, became the guiding principle behind the brand, referencing the quality build aspects and outstanding customer service the company is known for, so important to first-time home buyers.

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The Dwellings D symbol incorporates a door opening to convey a sense of warmth and openness. Along with a distinctive tone of voice, a friendly, unexpected colour palette and use of geometric shapes derived from the door angles, we created an identity which helps Dwellings to truly differentiate itself from other more corporate competitors across all of its communication touchpoints from hoardings to its website and digital advertising.

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