Dublin's creative district



A vibrant location situated in The Liberties, one of Dublin’s oldest areas and comprising of Fumbally Court, Lane, Square and Stables. The area is becoming a hub for alternative businesses, creating lively and creative workspaces that are inspired by the industries of the past.

Fumbally over Feet
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Fumbally Lane dates back to the 1700’s, named after the French Huguenot family of the name Fombella who leased land in the area. Many were experienced silk weavers, contributing to the thriving silk and poplin industry in the city.

The custom typeface we designed, named Jacquard, takes inspiration from the movement of thread on the weaving Jacquard looms of this era. The typeface contains three styles - Regular, Fill and Solid.

Fumbally A Z Fumbally 1 0 Orange v2

The project involved design of the new website, signage, way-finding, merchandise and brand photography.

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